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What Makes Us Special?

The first time we heard that we were different from so many offices, we were surprised and extremely flattered. Over the years, our patients kept making the same comments about what makes us stand out. When one of our long time patients heard we were doing a website, he suggested we list what makes us special. We agreed this was a good idea for you to get to know us better.

1. We make sure it’s easy to get an appointment.

Whether it’s for a new patient appointment or an emergency such as a broken tooth, we can schedule you promptly. We do this by pre-booking appointment times each day. For other appointments, we find we can get our patients in at a time convenient time for them. We do this by using our time well and working closely as a team.

2. We stay on schedule.

When we visit our own physicians, we expect them to be on time, and we hold ourselves to the highest standards in regards to this. This is a top priority of Dr. Hallman’s.  We schedule our patients properly and are sure you will never wait more than a couple of minutes for us. On the extremely rare occasion that Dr. Hallman has a situation that he does not anticipate with a patient’s care, you will be called so your time is better spent at your office or at home and not waiting in our reception room.

3. Our new patients feel at home and well cared for immediately.

We do all we can to make your first visit stress-free. If time allows before the appointment, we send the latest copy of our newsletter and any necessary paperwork and verify detailed directions to our office. At the beginning of your first appointment, we discuss your questions, concerns and previous dental experiences. We let you know about our system to block out dental noise and our complimentary use of nitrous oxide to relax, if you like, during dental restoration. We want to make sure you are comfortable and have no surprises.

4. We treat our patients as individuals, not just a number. 

We get to know our patients well. It’s not at all unusual for our patients to receive a call or card when sick or celebrating a special occasion.

5. We follow up on procedures.

In the evening, Dr. Hallman calls his patients who have had dentistry requiring numbing that day. He doesn’t suspect a problem; he simply wants to make sure they are comfortable and answer any possible questions.

6. Our referral sources are the best in their fields, and we have excellent relationships with them.

When the dental situation requires procedures that are outside our field of expertise, we refer our patients to specialists. For example, oral surgery is best done by an expert with years of training in the field. The best results with braces are seen when done by an orthodontist with years of training instead of a course spanning a couple of weekends.  Our team works closely with our specialists and their offices. We know that their patient care philosophy is similar to ours and that they will meet with our patients promptly.

7. Cosmetic dentistry is the norm for us.

All of our dentistry is cosmetic. Dr. Hallman does the most beautiful dentistry, but our emphasis is always first and foremost on your dental health. While we do many enhancing procedures, we never forget that exquisitely beautiful, healthy results are our goal. Frankly, we have to smile when we read about “cosmetic dentists” in magazines. There is no such specialty!

8. Continuing education is a top priority here.

New research is always available, and dentistry is constantly developing. Whether it is at the International College of Dentists, the Hinman Dental Convention, the Georgia Dental Association, the Medical College of Georgia or Dr.  Hallman’s selective Atlanta Dental Study Group, we are constantly taking courses to be on the cutting edge of dentistry. This only enhances the vast experience we bring to our profession.

9. We use the latest technology.

Our patients love our digital x-rays. Not only are they more comfortable, but there is virtually no radiation. Also, our state of the art sterilization system makes sure that you and your family are totally protected at all times in our office.

10. We make sure you have the best information to make decisions for your dental health.

We recommend what we would want in our mouths or a family member’s mouth. Of course, there are always options, so we make sure you understand all of them–both the pros and cons. We want you to be able to make an educated decision. If it is not excellent dentistry that we are proud of, we do not do it. Our patients’ dental health is our priority.

11. We plan and explain our treatment plans.

We think it is important that you fully understand your needed dental care. Our team makes sure that you are informed about each step and have no surprises. We know that work can be scheduled over an extended time, and we carefully prioritize your needs with you.  

12. Our staff is like a family and works closely as a team.

We love what we do and do what we love, and we enjoy being together and working as a team. We think that shows!

13. Finally, as a special bonus, we have plenty of free parking.

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