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Dentures have a reputation for being cumbersome, embarrassing devices worn only by seniors. While a majority of seniors with missing teeth do wear dentures, there are many strategic reasons for this, including

  • Comfort! Especially when custom fitted, dentures are one of the most comfortable options on the market for tooth replacement.
  • Convenience! Dentures can be worn when you want them, and left out when you don’t.
  • Non-invasive. Since dentures do not require any additional fixtures to the dentition, they are an ideal solution to patients who do not want to undergo surgery or invasive procedures in order to replace missing teeth.
  • Cost-Effective! Dentures are a very affordable solution in light of all the options for tooth replacement today. A set of custom dentures can last many patients for a lifetime, and don’t require many additional check-ups from the dentist like other options.


What are dentures?

Dentures are prosthetic devices that fit over the gum tissues in the mouth. Each set of dentures is designed and crafted to have a natural appearance, matching the color, texture and shine of natural teeth and gums. Custom dentures can be made at Buckhead Piedmont Dental according to the exact specifications of each dental patient. Though an adhesive can be used to hold dentures in place, they are completely removable and can be taken out whenever the patient needs.

There are two main types of dentures: complete and partial. Partial dentures, or “partials,” are very common and are used when some teeth still remain. Complete dentures on the other hand, are used when all of the teeth within a single dental arch are missing.

Who should get dentures?

Generally speaking, patients missing more than a few teeth are good candidates for dentures. Dentures are designed for missing teeth that are within a single arch, or lie directly adjacent to one another. Advances in technology have made it easier to replace single missing teeth, however, when it comes to a row of missing teeth, whether from accident, injury or decay, dentures are still the best option.

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